Everything we do is focused on improving information management.

Because the smarter you are with your information the more successful you’ll be. Let us help you save time, improve efficiency, and reduce risk.

Information is currency. The better you are at managing it, the more confidently you’ll be able to move your business into the future.

Not your father’s records mgmt.

Records storage

Secure, off-site records storage. Retrievable without ever leaving your desk.

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Five facilities specializing in customized document conversion. We give you documents + information instantly.

Say "No" to info chaos

Document management

Systems to automate, error-proof, increase efficiency, empower and accurately meet compliance regulations.

Flexible. Creative. Inspired.

Professional services

System conversions, integration, workflow, software development. Strategic, process-based solutions to your information problems.

The right information to the right people at the right time.

A long time ago, somebody smart said that luck favors the prepared. Today, luck favors the connected – the integrated. Business has access to more information than at any other time in history. Yet, as you well know, it’s never been harder to organize it all to make meaningful decisions.

We know technology doesn’t make business better by itself. Communication, creativity, agility and expertise are what elevate performance. You bring the challenge; we'll help with the rest.

Save money "Days Sales Outstanding decreased 36%." – Duro Bag –
Do more with less "300% increase in claims volume handled with 62% less staff." – SCOR (formerly Generali) –
Improve efficiency "Tenfold productivity and efficiency improvements." – Allen County, Indiana –
Increase accuracy "Automation created a virtually errorless audit process." – Crate & Barrel –

See how other brands have used IOS

Wichita Public Schools

Captilizing on capabilities of OnBase

Experts in document management & great ideas unlock the power of state-of-the-art software.

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Crate & Barrel

Using scanning and workflow to manage freight payments

More than 700 freight invoices are captured, audited and pushed into the AP system weekly by just one person. Eliminated costs without adding staff.

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Enabled payment processing in real-time.

Open payment discrepancies dropped 80% and average age of partial payments dropped 59 days.

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GE Aviation

24 X 7 access to service records

A web-based system with unlimited user access so service records can be viewed from anywhere, anytime.

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Latest blog post

Creativity in the Air  Still dealing with an Olympic hangover.  For a couple of weeks it was all-Olympics-all-the-time.  I was totally ok with that.  I love watching competition even for events that I only pay attention to a few days every four years, like Trampoline, I can’t not watch.  Note: If you haven’t seen competitive trampolining, what’s the matter with you?  I can explain it, but you really should see it for yourself.  It’s must see programming.

I think it would be the official sport of IOS and here’s why - same blueprint for success. Trampoline and content management are both all about innovation and testing boundaries.  In trampolining, there is the jump and then there is what happens in the air – the magic.  What happens in the air is equal parts expertise and creativity and agility.  Not just anyone can do it.

In content management there is software and there is everything that happens during its configuration and implementation and integration that combine to create a competitive advantage, again equal parts expertise and creativity and agility – IOS’ special magic.  It takes a special group to pull all of that off.

The dilemma is businesses think their issues can be solved with just software – the jump.  They can’t.  What goes up always come back down.  The best software poorly implemented gets them nowhere – except back where they started.

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